He got the looks and he got the talent to become a star. Gay singer Angélo from NYC released his first single “Time Bomb” at the beginning of this year. A nice smooth pop song and there are lots of great remixes of it available. A video for the single will be filmed this month in the big apple.

Angélo`s passion for music lies in the family. His grandfather Dominic D’Agostino played with the Nat King Cole Trio and The Dorsey Brothers.  His mother is a classically trained Opera singer – who retired from the Opera after marriage but continued on in Theatre. Angélo is living around music ever since and his mother pushed him onto stage with Count Basie when he was 8 years old! He loved being on stage and after learning to play several instruments like piano, saxophone and trumpet, he realized his instrument is his voice. The good looking singer is influenced a lot by jazz music. After perfoming standard and original songs for quite a while in jazz clubs, he is now concentrating on his career in pop music.

Angélo is recording and writing his debut album with his musical partner Pan in a studio in Nashville. Will be interesting to see how the album sounds like.  Have a listen to the first single on his myspace site, where you can also find some nice pictures of Angélo.


Diana Vickers is a british singer from Lancashire who did start singing when she was 11 years old. The now 18 year old singer participated in the X-factor casting show in the UK in 2008 and made it into the live shows. When she sang “Patience” from Take That in one of the shows, guest Gary Barlow offered her a record deal. But of course, Simon Cowell said thanks Gary, we`ll do fine.

Diana got a record deal with RCA records and worked hard on her debut album “Songs From The Chainted Cherry Tree” which will be released in the UK on May, 3rd. The first single is “Once”, a great pop track with a nice video with lots of nice outfits, which you can see here:


Diana will be touring the UK in May 2010.


Broken Bells is a great combination of 2 talented musicians. It`s Brian Burton from the band Danger Mouse who got very successful with singer Cee-Lo and their project Gnarls Barkley (monster hit “Crazy”). The other one is The Shins singer James Mercer and together they are Broken Bells and released their debut album this week.

The 2 guys met at Roskilde festival a couple of years ago, stayed in contact and tried to work together on their ideas. And the result is a wonderful album with 10 pop pearls, great harmonies, from funk to dance, great beats and even strings. From the beginning with “The High Road” til the end of the album with “The Mall And Misery” you get 35 minutes of excellent pop music. Mercer and Burton played all instruments on the album themselves, only the strings were arranged by Daniele Luppi. A wonderful album!


Sweden is so popular regarding new interesting bands and music.

A band you might not have heard of is the duo “JJ” from Gothenburg, they do wonderful pop songs, minimal production, a great female voice. They released their first album in 2009 very quietly and their new album “N 3″ is out this week, you can buy it at iTunes. The band is currently touring the US.

Check out their video for the beautiful song “Let Go”:

You get some more information and tour dates about the band on their label`s website:


From their latest album “Contra”, indie rock band Vampire Weekend from NYC release “Giving Up The Gun” as their next single. They shoot a great video for it, directed by The Malloys and the video features cameos from Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil’ Jon and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Check it out here:

Vampire Weekend start their world tour mid March 2010.


Do you remember their great video for “Here It Goes Again” where they performed on treadmills? The band from Los Angeles did win a Grammy award for that fantastic video.

After two great studio albums, they just released their new album “Of The Blue Color Of The Sky” this January, another great album and they made another fab video for the new single “This Too Shall Pass”. It has been filmed in one take and it`s incredible. Check it out here:


Last week we had the fabulous Marina & The Diamonds as album of the week, this week comes another fantastic female artist from the UK. 22 year old Ellie Goulding is someone we mentioned several times and finally her debut album “Lights” has been released this week in the UK and it looks like she will be number 1 in the charts on Sunday with it.

Her first singles “Under The Sheets” and the current “Starry Eyed” already showed how talented she is. She was on every important list of artists to watch out for in 2010 and won the BPI music award in the category “Critic`s Choice” last month. The album isn`t disappointing at all, with 10 great pop songs it`s only a bit short. Ellie has written all the songs, most of them with her musical partner Starsmith, who did work with Katy Perry and Paloma Faith. Ellie played  acoustic guitar on most on the tracks. The track “Wish I Stayed” is produced by our favourite FRANKMUSIK, who also sings backing vocals on the tune.

You can hear Ellie`s influences are diverse, from folk to pop, electro and rock. The songs are all strong and unique and grow the more you listen to them.  The strange thing is that you can only buy the title track of the album “Lights” on the digital iTunes version where you also get the videos for the 2 singles.

Ellie will be touring the UK big time in March and April 2010 and will be back in June 2010.

The album will be out in Germany on April, 9th.


Cassette Kids are from Sydney, Australia, a young band who produce great fresh pop tunes. Their debut album “Nothing On TV” is out in April 2010. They released a mini album in 2008 and spent the last years working on their music, developing and played a lot of live gigs.

Their influences are bands like The Rapture, Klaxons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and No Doubt.  The quartet, which features singer Katrina Noorbergen, guitarist Dan Schober, bassist Dan Deitz and drummer Jake Read-Harber, came together from four distinct corners of the indie scene.  They opened up for Lily Allen on her 2009 Australian tour and after that they played alongside  The Music, The Ting Tings, Crystal Castles and with The Presets.

Check out their new single “Spin” here:



This band from New York City is totally crazy but i love their music and style. They are currently on tour with Lady GaGa on her Monster Ball world tour and if you have to chance to see them, you gonna love the Semi Precious Weapons.

This band suits Lady GaGa very well, cos Semi Precious Weapons stand for sex, glamour and Rock`n`Roll. Singer Justin Tranter is incredible outgoing and makes every stage into his own. Their music style is everything between Queen and AC/DC. Tranter met drummer Dan Crean, Bassist Cole Whittle, and guitarist Stevy Pyne in Boston while attending the Berklee School of Music and later they moved to New York City to become famous. They are on the best way to that, got a record deal with Interscope and have an EP out at the moment.

The band got a huge following in NYC and were voted Best Band in NYC by the Village Voice. SPW’s album debut “You Love You” with rockworld producer-kingpin Jack Joseph Puig, is due out in early 2010. It will ultimately showcase the band’s unapologetic embrace of all things filthy, dangerous, and glamorous- in other words: rock & motherfucking roll.

Check out their new video for “Semi Precious Weapons”:


One of this years most expected debut albums comes from the great welsh singer Marina & The Diamonds. This is not a band, it`s singer Marina Diamandis and she calls her fans the “diamonds”.

Finally “The Family Jewels” has been released this week in the UK and what a great album that is. It starts with the great up-tempo track “Are You Satisfied” where Marina asks you “Are you satisfied with an average life?” After drinking “Shampain” to forget yesterday comes “I Am Not A Robot”, which already has been a single. Then the wonderful “Girls” about not being ladylike and stupid gossip talk, followed by “Mowgli`s Road”, another single in the UK. “Obsessions”, a great piano ballad, is followed by her actual hit single “Hollywood” with my favourite line “I`m Obsessed with the mess that`s America”. There is not a single weak song on the album, with “The Outsider”, “Hermit The Frog”, “Oh No”, “Rootles”, “Numb” and “Guilty”, there are more pearls to discover.

All the premature praise she got were right, she even surpasses my expectations! This album is a wonderful contemporary collection of excellent pop and indie songs with great lyrics from a woman who is a pleasure to hear and watch. Marina is a great musical talent, melding the theatrically lavish vocal and orchestral flourishes of Kate Bush with the wonderful pop eccentricity of everyone from Cyndi Lauper to the Scissor Sisters.

The album is excellently produced by Pascal Gabriel, who did produce artists like Mark Almond, Kylie Minogue, Yello and New Order in former years. Marina is playing live tonight in London`s Bush Hall and will play New York in March and a big UK tour in May 2010.


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