Album of the week: Bright Light Bright Light “Make Me Believe in Hope”


Next week sees the release of the fantastic debut album from British singer Bright Light Bright Light, called “Make Me Believe In Hope”.

A great new male pop voice from the UK enlightens my days the last weeks. The voice belongs to Rod Thomas from London who makes music under the name Bright Light Bright Light. And the lights are really bright when you listen to his debut album.

Rod worked over 2 years on his album and is also working as a DJ, producer and mixes songs from other artists as well. A busy man who shouldn`t have time to work for others in the near future, cos his own music should storm the charts everywhere as it is so excellent. The production sounds like a major debut release, but the album is coming out on the indie label Aztec. Rod did record and produce the album in London, L.A. and New York and features Del Marquis from the Scissor Sisters and production from Andy Chatterley (Kylie) and Jon Shave (Jessie J).

There are 11 fantastic electro pop songs, starting with the strong “Immature”, followed by the beating “Feel It”. “Love Part II” with the hynotic line “I´m In Love Again” makes your heart jump if you are in love and you may have heard “Waiting For The Feeling”- another smash from the album. “Cry At Films” features Del Marquis from the Scissor Sisters, sounds like the 90`s are back and the melancholic “Moves” is beautiful and pure pop. “Disco Moment” could be from a Robyn album and “A New Word To Say” has a cool summer vibe for driving your car. The last 3 songs are more quiet and show Rod can also be strong as a ballad singer with his fine voice.

A wonderful debut album with a beautiful male voice – the best debut album of 2012 so far! Go and get it!

There is an album launch party on June 13th in London where Rod will play the album with his band. Check the Bright Light Bright Light website for infos and great videos:

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