Album of the week: The Sound Of Arrows “Voyage”


Finally it`s here, the debut album from The Sound Of Arrows. “Voyage” takes you on a great trip to excellent pop tunes.

It took the guys quite a while til the release of their debut album which was anticipated from lots of pop music lovers. The two swedish guys Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm, both from Gävle, created a wonderful pop landscape. This is absolutely lovely Swedish dream pop. If you like the Pet Shop Boys, you sure will love this album of finest electronic pop music.

After several great singles like “Magic” (which was used in a Mitsubishi ad), “Into the clouds” and “Nova”, expectations were high for the album and you won`t be disappointed. There are 11 songs and 2 bonus tracks to discover, let the dreams begin while listening!

You can listen to the 11 tracks from the album here:

Don`t hesitate to buy the cd version, which has a nice package!

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