Album of the week: Sir Ari “Between the Spirit & the Flesh”


Sexy US singer Ari Gold is back with a brand new album, called “Between the Spirit & the Flesh”. The gay singer from New York changed his name into Sir Ari.

It`s great to see that an artist like Ari, who is an independent artist, still is brave enough to release new records and follows his path. He brought us the emotional “Space Under Sun” album a couple of years ago, which showed what a great singer he is. The new album is his fourth album, which is a concept album. It`s a pop album with electro-dance music and he is telling stories from a gay men`s live. The new name comes from the “Sir” title he got for his charity work on human rights and HIV/Aids from the Imperial Court of New York. He also received an Indepenent Music Award, OUT 100, Outmusic Awards and for his last album the Grand Prize of the USA Songwriting Competition.

The first single from the album, “Make My Body Rock”, is featured in the new porn movie from Michael Lucas called “Assassin”. “Play My F**Kn Record” is a great message to all the DJ´s out there, who never play Ari`s records. He also sings about Religion, boyfriends, his love for his home town New York, dancing and internet dating. Great melodies, perfectly produced, his voice sounds better than ever. It`s his best work so far! Let`s dance and enjoy it!

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