Album of the week: Mads Langer “Behold”


He made an excellent cover of the Olive hit song “You`re not alone”, now danish singer and songwriter Mads Langer released his first international album “Behold”.

Mads Langer has a beautiful voice, there are lots of emotions in it and he has a great talent using his writing skills to create wonderful songs. It began 2009 when he moved from Denmark to London. He already had released 2 albums in his home country, but when he recorded a cover version of the Olive song “You`re not alone” for a compilation, all of a sudden the song became a hit in Europe.

The 27 year old singer took a long journey to get where he is now. He started writing music very young, wanted to become a rock star, moved to New York with 22, met  lots of people who told him he will be a big star, but in the end he moved back, got successful in Denmark, but wasn`t satisfied, cos mostly he fulfilled other people`s dreams and wishes.

Now with his first album released international via Sony Music, he is happy and where he wants to be. The 13 songs are beautiful pop songs, always in front is his unique voice. Quiet songs which lots of people gonna love. There is “The River Has Run Wild”, which already was featured in “The Vampire Diaries” series, a 6 minutes monster of a ballad, fantastic! There seems to be always a kind of northern melancholic in all of his songs, even if they are more up tempo. Listen to songs like “Riding Elevators”, “Fact Fiction”, “Last Flower” and “I Love You” to get a good impression of the album. Sometimes Mads reminds me of Rufus Wainwright or Jeff Buckley, he definately plays in their league.

The album is available in most countries via iTunes, the CD will be out by the end of May 2011.

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