Nerina Pallot wants you to put your hands up!


She is a busy writer and already has a new album in the pipeline. British singer Nerina Pallot is back with her great new single “Put Your Hands Up”.

After “The Graduate”, which was released in 2009, Nerina is releasing her next album, called “Year Of The Wolf” on May, 30th. The first single is the great “Put Your Hands Up”, which will be released in the UK on May 22nd. Her new album is produced by Bernard Butler.

Her music is classy pop, piano-driven with woozy electronics and beefed up bass. Pallot grew up in London with a half-french father and her indian mother. The pretty singer had a hit with “Everybody goes to war” and her second album got gold in the UK after his second release. Nerina got an Ivor Novello award and a Brit award nomination for her work. She co-wrote 2 songs for Kylie`s last album, the title song “Aphrodite” and “Better Than Today”. “Year Of The Wolf” is her fourth album and the new single sounds like a hit to me.

Here you can see the beautiful video to her new single “Put Your Hands Up”:

Nerina will be touring in the UK in October.

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