Album of the week: Natalia Kills “Perfectionist”


Everyone compares her with Lady GaGa these days, but i think there is always room for other talented female artists. Natalia Kills released her debut, the fantastic “Perfectionist” this week.

You may think she is from America, but Natalia, who has a Jamaican father and an Uruguayan mother, is from the unfunky Bradford in West Yorkshire. She quit school when she was 14 and moved to London to become a star. Natalia sings she doesn`t believe in fairytales in her song “Wonderland”, but her story sounds exact like one. She started to act in London, played in the BBC comedy “All About Me”, wrote music for movies and developed her writing and acting skills over the years and more and more music people wanted to work with her. She is a real talent, as she writes perfect pop melodies with intelligent lyrics. Of course there were lots of top producers working with her on her debut, but in the end it`s her voice, her ideas and songs that count.

The 24 year old stylish singer recorded a diverse album with pop, electro, some rock and lots of tunes to dance to. The single “Mirrors” is a hit all over, you should listen to “Wonderland” (will be the second single), “Free”, the dark “Zombie”, the fantastic “Love Is Suicide” or “Not In Love”. Some call her music Gothic Pop or dark pop, i think these 14 songs are just pure excellent contemporary pop music.

With this album only Natalia catapulted herself in the same league as GaGa, Rihanna or Katy Perry.

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