Album of the week: James Blake “James Blake”


Everyone is talking about this new talent at the moment and the critics love him.  James Blake, 22,  from London just released his awaited debut album “James Blake”.

James started very early playing the piano and listening to jazz music. Later he studied Popular Music and wrote music, produced and did remixes for other artists. The first song we heard from his album was his cover version of Feist`s song “Limit To Your Love”, a wonderful interpretation of this song. You wouldn`t expect this great voice when you see him. His music is a mixture of electro pop, dubstep and jazz. His falsetto is unique and his songs are wonderful. There is the amazing new single “The Wilhelm Scream”, a unique piece of art, you have never heard a song like that in years. Or “I Never Learnt To Share”, another song you`ll get excited about because it`s so different. He even is brave enough to put little breaks in songs which makes them even more interesting. Less is more, the same with his lyrics, good ones, but short. James wrote, produced and recorded the album alone at home.

What a talent, what a voice, thanxs James for making us believe there is a new music sound possible, even when we thought we already heard it all.

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