Mads Langer covers “You`re not alone” from Olive


What a great song that was. The classic “You`re not alone” is now back on the way into international charts, cos danish singer Mads Langer did record a beautiful cover version of the Olive hit song.

Mads (25) did release his first album “Attention Please” in 2006, played lots of gigs around the world and released his second album in 2009. A talent scout, who worked with people like Dido, Keane and Coldplay, discovered Mads and pushed his career in the right direction.

Before his new album comes out this year, the first single is the cover of “You`re not alone”, which already was a hit in Denmark, Spain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Now the song will be released in Germany on February, 11th. If you sign up on Mads website you`ll get the beautiful song “The River Has Run Wild” for free. We gonna be hearing a lot of this great talent this year!

Mads shooted a new video for the song, have a look and there is also a nice road movie for the song with friends from the band Duné in it:

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