Jennifer Hudson new single “Where You At”


Jennifer Hudson is back with a new single called “Where You At”, the first song from her second album “I Remember Me”, which will be released by the end of March 2011.

The singer with the fantastic voice came in seventh place at American Idol in 2004. Still today i don`t get it why she didn`t win. But anyway, she became very successful with her music, won a Grammy for her debut album “Jennifer Hudson” and was awesome in the movie “Dreamgirls”. She also had a supporting role in the first Sex & The City movie.

In late 2008 Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were killed in a shooting, a horrible nightmare for the singer, who stepped out of the limelight for some months. But the singer found a new love, who helped her conquer the loss and in 2009 she became a mother of a little boy, called David Daniel.

Now Jennifer is back, looking hotter than ever, she lost over 50 pounds the last year and is now spokesperson for Weight Watchers. It`s so good to hear her sing again. She releases her second album in the US on March, 22nd. Europe follows a week later.

Here you can listen to Jennifer`s new single “Where You At”:

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