Album of the week: Duran Duran "All You Need Is Now"


Wow, what a highlight before the year is closing. Our last “album of the week” for this year comes from 80`s heroes Duran Duran. They are back with a brand new album called “All You Need Is Now”, damn right guys.  Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor got together with producer Mark Ronson. Together they produced this new album which is available in digital format with 9 brand new songs from today and the physical album will come in February 2011 with a couple of more songs.

It`s so good to hear Simon Le Bon`s voice again, the typical Duran Duran sound transported into 2010 is perfectly done. Listen to songs like “All You Need Is Now”, “Being Followed”, “Leave A Light On” and “Girl Panic”, so you know what i mean. On “Safe (In The Heart Of The Moment)”, Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters is featured on vocals and on the funny “The Man Who Stole A Leopard” you can hear Kelis.

What a great xmas present, thanxs guys! It`s their best album since “Rio”!

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12 comments on Album of the week: Duran Duran "All You Need Is Now"

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  2. New Album “All you need is now”

    All You Need is Now -9/10
    Blame the Machines – 9/10
    Being Followed – 8/10
    Leave a Light On – 10/10
    Safe – 10/10
    Girl Panic – 10/10
    The Man Who Stole a Leopard – 10/10
    Runway Runaway – 9/10
    Before the Rain – 9/10
    Mediterranea – 10/10

    It’s the Fab Five back to the top!!!!

    It’s amazing album…

  3. Duran Duran talking about the digital release of their 13th album, All You Need is Now

  4. I just listen to the album twice…and I already love it…my favorite song is “Runway Runaway”. Can’t wait to hear the three other songs in February!

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