Album of the week: Jamiroquai "Rock Dust Light Star"

British acid jazzer Jamiroquai are back with the new album “Rock Dust Light Star”. After 5 years it`s great to have them back with their adorable groovy dance tunes. And Jay Kay and his band mates haven`t forgotten how to write excellent tunes. The album kicks off with the title track, which gets you into a dance mood right away. “White Knuckle Ride” follows, the actual single, a typical Jamiroquai sing-a-long song as you would expect from them.

If you like Jamiroquai, you won`t be disappointed cos the album has not a weak song on it. You get the feeling you are back in the 90s, but the sound of this band is timeless anyway.  Have a listen to “Hurtin`”, “She`s a Fast Persuader”, “Never Gonna Be Another” and the fabulous songs “Goodbye to My Dancer” and “Hey Floyd”, to get a good overview of the album.

The band recorded the album in Jay Kay`s home studio in Buckinghamshire and worked with the producers Charlie Russell and Brad Spence again, who did produce the bands earlier releases as well. Besides the normal version (12 songs+1 mix), you can get the deluxe edition of the album with more exclusive remixes and live tracks.

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