Ricky Martin is releasing new single and autobiography

It`s good to have him back. Singer Ricky Martin, who came out of the closet (finally) this year, is releasing new music and his first autobiography. The new single “The Best Thing About Me Is You” is his first new music in six years! It`s the first single from his new album, which will be out in early 2011. The song is a duet, the English version features the great Joss Stone as his duet partner, the Spanish version is called “Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tú” and features Natalia Jimenéz of La Quinta Estación.

Ricky is also releasing his first autobiography in English and Spanish called “Me” on November, 2nd, telling the story of his life. He will do some book signings for it in the US beginning of November and talk about his book on Oprah Winfrey on November,2nd.

You can hear 30 seconds of his new single with Joss Stone here:



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