Lissie found a new friend while shooting her video for "Everywhere I Go"

US singer Lissie released her brilliant album “Catching A Tiger” this year and had a hit with the fantastic “When I`m Alone”. She is a superb singer/songwriter and one of the best new female singers who broke through this year.

Now she is back with the next single from the album, this time it`s the lovely “Everywhere I Go”. She just released the video for the song, which she shot in Germany at Kap Arkona on the island Rugia (RĂ¼gen). She shot the video with an African Elephant named Marla and the two of them became friends while shooting the video.

Have a look yourself:

Lissie is busy touring the US at the moment and will be back in Europe by the end of October for a big European tour again.

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