Get a free download of the new Lykke Li single

It´s great that swedish singer Lykke Li is back with a great new single, called “Get Some” and the good news is, you can get a free download on her website.

The charismatic singer from Stockholm brought us the fabulous album “Youth Novels” in 2008 with the hit single “Little Bit”. Her song “Possibilty” was used in the Twilight movie “New Moon” last year. In 2011 she will release her second album and “Get Some” is the first single from that album.  If you register on her website, you`ll get the new single plus another new track, called “Paris Blue”.

Lykke is playing a couple of sold out gigs next month, she`ll be in Berlin, Paris, London, Stockholm and New York.

You can also listen to the 2 new songs here and if you are lucky see the new video if it is free in your country:

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