Darin is back with "Lovekiller"

Swedish pop singer Darin is back with a fantastic new single called “Lovekiller”. The video for the song looks amazing. The 23 years old singer from Stockholm released his first album in 2005, “The Anthem”and his first single “Money For Nothing”. Both were big sellers in his home country and since then he is one of the biggest pop stars Sweden has.

In 2006 he released his second album “Darin” with the hit singles “Step Up” and “Want ya!”.  Also the following albums “Break The News” and “Flashback” were big sellers. He did have quite some success in other countries with the single “Insanity” as well and the new single has the potential to become huge everywhere. “Lovekiller” is the title track of his fifth album, which again went to number 1 in Sweden.

Check out this great song and video:


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