Alexandra Burke and "The Silence"

Winter is coming nearer and it`s the best time of the year to release a nice ballad. X-factor winner Alexandra Burke is releasing the great ballad “The Silence” as the next single from her top seller album “Overcome”.

After several up-tempo hits like “Bad Boys”, “Broken Heals”, “All Night Long” and “Start Without You”, it`s great Alexandra has chosen a ballad which shows her strong voice in perfection.

A deluxe version of her album “Overcome” with a new cover and special tracks will be released in the UK on December,6th.

Check out the new video here:

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One comment on Alexandra Burke and "The Silence"

  1. I love this song, I love her album, she isn’t just a boring artist like Leona, shes got a vocal style of her own, it’s not a Mariah Carey copycat. She isn’t Beyonce. She’s Alexandra.