Champagne Riot release debut single

There are these 2 guys from Copenhagen and they write and produce excellent pop tunes. Champagne Riot are Caspar Bock and Anders Reuter. The two of them say their mission is to create perfect pieces of timeless pop music that are sophisticated and gloriously irresistible. Well done guys, the first double a-side single “Heart Stab/A Friend Of A Friend” is excellent pop.

Champagne Riot was at first a solo project from Caspar, who is based in Berlin/Germany. He contacted Anders, a well known danish pop music journalist, to help him produce his stuff.  Anders not only produced the music, he joined Caspar as a band member, both of them quit their jobs and are concentrating on the band project now.

“Heart Stab/A Friend Of A Friend” will be released in the UK on September, 27th. Check out their myspace site where you can listen to the new single and more stuff of Champagne Riot.

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