The Script release new single "For The First Time"

Irish band The Script are back with their second album and a brand new single, called “For The First Time”. The band released their first, selt-titled album in 2008 and sold over 1.8 million copies of the album and had several hits like “Breakeven”, “We Cry” and “The Man Who Can`t Be Moved”. Currently they are really big in the US and the second album is much anticipated by their fans.

“Science & Faith”, the new album will be released in Ireland on 10th September, the single one week earlier. Danny O`Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power are all from Dublin (now living in London) and are sympathic good musicans and with Danny they have a good looking and charismatic front singer. Their music mixes pop with a blend of hip hop rhythms, fantastic melodies with excellent hooks and interesting lyrics.

“For The First Time” is another example of their great talent. Check out the just released video for it here:

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