Alev Lenz released new EP

Alev Lenz is a talented singer/songwriter from Berlin/Germany who released a new EP called “Alte Schönhauser” in the UK last month. “Alte Schönhauser” is the name of a nice street in the centre of Berlin. Alev writes excellent little love songs and if you like singers like Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple or Tori Amos, you will like Alev`s songs too.

The singer, who was born in Munich, had a rock band called Alev. They did release an album and toured for around 3 years. After that Alev decided to do her own thing and started her solo career.

She released her debut album “Storytelling Piano Playing Fräulein” in 2009 and worked with co-producers Brio Taliaferro (Skunk Anansie, Sugababes) and Don Philippe (Freundeskreis) on her new EP.

On the EP there is the beautiful “Song For Sea”, a melancholic song with a great piano riff. “Write About It” is about an ex-boyfriend and “Serve With Milk” is a song about self discovery. All 5 songs are unique and they make you wanna hear more. Listen to her songs on her website and enjoy!

Fotocredit: Michael Herdlein

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