Album of the week: Hurts "Happiness"

I haven`t heard of such a vibe about a new band in years. For about a year now,til the release of their debut album, Manchester band Hurts seemed to be the hottest thing to come. The expectations were very high and Theo Hutchcraft (singer) and Adam Anderson (keyboards) fulfill more than i thought. The album “Happiness” will definately be on lots of “album of the year 2010″ lists and rightly so!

The stylish british electro pop band, who is looking as if they were jumped out of a movie from Berlin from the 20`s or 30`s, had another band, called “Daggers”, but weren`t happy with the results and started a new band in Manchester. They did record a fantastic pop album with 12 hymns of pure emotion, often melancholic, but also bright even if they sing about lonely Sundays or “Blood, Tears&Gold”. Even Goddess Kylie Minogue joined the band on the track “Devotion”. The band recently did a version of Kylie`s “Confide In Me”, which unfortunately is not on the album. But anyway, get happy with this wonderful album and listen not only to “Wonderful Life”, the current hit single, there are so many excellent tracks on the album. And “Verona” is a nice hidden track that could also be a song by the late Freddie Mercury.

The album is at number 1 in the german iTunes chart since it`s release last Friday, will be a huge hit in Germany and will be released in the UK next Monday. Their upcoming German tour is sold-out as all of their concerts in Europe soon will be. “Happiness Hurts”.

Hurts cover

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