Robyn releases video for next single "Hang With Me"

Robyn just released the video for her next single “Hang With Me”. After “Body Talk PT 1″, the first of 3 new albums, Robyn is gonna release the second part in the beginning of September with 8 fantastic, brand new tracks. She worked with Snoop Dogg and Kleerup amongst others on the new album.

First single from the new album is “Hang With Me”, which was on the first part in an accoustic version, now made into a great dance track. The video was directed by Max Vitali, who Robyn worked with before. It`s a nice video with some live footage and Robyn being on the road around the world promoting and working.

“Hang With Me” will be released in Scandinavia on August 16th, US and Canada on August, 17th and in Germany, Switzerland and Holland on September, 3rd, followed by the UK and Australia on September, 5th.

Check out the new video here or on Robyn`s website:

Robyn Cover Hang With Me

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