Please discover Elan Lea from South Africa

The world cup is over, but i would love to introduce you to the sexy South African singer Elan Lea from Johannesburg. Elan is not only good looking, he writes perfect little pop songs who could become worldwide hits, cos his songs are strong and could also be from One Republic, Maroon 5 or Daniel Powter.

Elan recorded his debut album with producer Full Phatt (Lemar, Christina Milan) in London, Cape Town and Johannesburg. He collaborated with songwriters Nathan Thomas and Adam Argyle and the song “I Don`t Know About That” was written by Dianne Warren (Celine Dion).

Lea grew up in Johannesburg and got influenced a lot by his father, who is also a musician. The family encouraged Elan to write his own songs and his first song landed him a record deal in South Africa. He got very successful and is now concentrating on his worldwide career. He got a deal with Universal Music now.

Check out the video to his single “Right Anyway”, which is out now:

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