Yoav is back with his new album" A Foolproof Escape Plan"

One of my favourite albums in 2008 was “Charmed And Strange” by singer and songwriter Yoav. If you haven`t heard of him, it`s time to change that. The album is a wonderful masterpiece of great songs with interesting instrumentation and different to all the other music we here. His sound is singer-songwriter tradition mixed with Eastern scales and rhythms, rooted in a dance groove.

Now the singer who is of Israeli and South African descent is back with his new album “A Foolproof Escape Plan”. Yoav spent 2009 writing songs in London, South Africa, and Venice Beach, California, collaborating with a mélange of musicians and artists from around the world to add to the richness of his sound. Joey Waronker — the outstanding American music producer and drummer who has worked with Thom Yorke, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, and R.E.M. – took the producer’s chair.

The new album already is Top 5 in the iTunes charts in Denmark and Canada and will be released worldwide within the next weeks. What a talented guy he is. Watch out for him, he`ll be touring the world the next months.

Here is a teaser from “Easy Chair” from his new album:

You can hear more songs on Yoav`s website and watch videos from his previous releases.


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2 comments on Yoav is back with his new album" A Foolproof Escape Plan"

  1. Yoav is a really great and incredible person with a big talent!!!!!!!I like his music very much!I want him to create a lot of masterpieces that will be known all over the world!When I`d at first listened his song,my life suddenly changed.I remember it was “Club thing”.I was astonished by this divine music and text.I treat him with the greatest respect!Now he is my favorite singer!I remember with some shame about my former tastes in music, but it really wasn`t that what I needed.After my “finding out of Yoav” my world-view and treatment to some things has also changed.It is not easy to express my feelings by words and more,if english is not your native language.Sorry for my mistakes if I`ve made them…..

  2. totally understand Dinara, he is a genius and very unique in the music world. Great that you have such a nice experience with his music. best wishes Peter