Toni Braxton new video for "Make My Heart"

Toni Braxton is finally taking care of her career in Europe again and will release her new album “Pulse” besides the US in Europe in May 2010. We haven`t heard much from her the last years in Europe, in the US she participated on “Dancing With The Stars” and had a Las Vegas show running.

The US singer has a great new video out for her single “Make My Heart” with lots of cute dancers and Toni has a nice new haircut in the video. The former single “Yesterday” from the album feat. Trey Songz was a big radio hit in the US and reached number 12 in the US single charts, her biggest hit in years. It`s a nice ballad, but it`s great Toni releases “Make My Heart” next and shows how powerful she still is.

In May Toni will visit Europe doing promotion for her new album.

Here is her great new video for “Make My Heart”:

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