Katie Melua surprises with her new song "The Flood"

Normally we know Georgian born singer Katie Melua singing nice ballads. For her new album “The House”, she changed her music style and worked with people like William Orbit, Guy Chambers and Rick Nowels.  The first single is the fantastic “The Flood”, a song that starts like a typical Katie ballad and after 2 minutes it evolves into a dance song where you hear William Orbit`s influence. Katie made a great video for it with lots of performing male naked dancers in it.

“The House” will be released on 24th of May 2010 in the UK, in Germany on the 21st. Katie will tour Europe in fall 2010.

Have a look at her new video yourself:


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One comment on Katie Melua surprises with her new song "The Flood"

  1. How amazing is this? I’ll tell you how amazing this is… This song is epic beyond epic. wasn’t a mainstream house beat at the 2:00 mark but a progressive-trance style that speeds up, what would be, a wonderful ballad. I’ve never heard of Katie Melua but, after hearing (and seeing this) it is a name I’ll never forget.

    Thanks Peter!