The Heartbreaks release debut single "Liar, My Dear"

The Heartbreaks is a four piece band from Manchester who will release their debut single “Liar, My Dear” next week in the UK.  The guys have been described as a modern Elvis Costello and The Attractions which fits them quite well.

The Heartbreaks are Matthew Whitehouse (vocals), Joseph Kondras (Drums), Ryan Wallace (Guitar) and Deaks (Bass). All four members were born and raised in the faded seaside resort of Morecambe, all sharing the same passions (Motown, the seaside, jealousies (small town frustrations) and hates (music that said nothing to them about their lives).

They formed the band not a year ago, in May 2009 and started to produce music all about romance and devotion. A great new band with a lot of passion about their music. The first single is a great melancholic, beautiful dark and mysterious track. The Heartbreakes are on tour in the UK til the end of April 2010.

Check out the video here:

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One comment on The Heartbreaks release debut single "Liar, My Dear"

  1. quality. reminds me of the Postcard Records stuff but with a modern twist. Gonna be massive.