Album of the week: Broken Bells "Broken Bells"

Broken Bells is a great combination of 2 talented musicians. It`s Brian Burton from the band Danger Mouse who got very successful with singer Cee-Lo and their project Gnarls Barkley (monster hit “Crazy”). The other one is The Shins singer James Mercer and together they are Broken Bells and released their debut album this week.

The 2 guys met at Roskilde festival a couple of years ago, stayed in contact and tried to work together on their ideas. And the result is a wonderful album with 10 pop pearls, great harmonies, from funk to dance, great beats and even strings. From the beginning with “The High Road” til the end of the album with “The Mall And Misery” you get 35 minutes of excellent pop music. Mercer and Burton played all instruments on the album themselves, only the strings were arranged by Daniele Luppi. A wonderful album!

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