Album of the week: Marina & The Diamonds "The Family Jewels"

One of this years most expected debut albums comes from the great welsh singer Marina & The Diamonds. This is not a band, it`s singer Marina Diamandis and she calls her fans the “diamonds”.

Finally “The Family Jewels” has been released this week in the UK and what a great album that is. It starts with the great up-tempo track “Are You Satisfied” where Marina asks you “Are you satisfied with an average life?” After drinking “Shampain” to forget yesterday comes “I Am Not A Robot”, which already has been a single. Then the wonderful “Girls” about not being ladylike and stupid gossip talk, followed by “Mowgli`s Road”, another single in the UK. “Obsessions”, a great piano ballad, is followed by her actual hit single “Hollywood” with my favourite line “I`m Obsessed with the mess that`s America”. There is not a single weak song on the album, with “The Outsider”, “Hermit The Frog”, “Oh No”, “Rootles”, “Numb” and “Guilty”, there are more pearls to discover.

All the premature praise she got were right, she even surpasses my expectations! This album is a wonderful contemporary collection of excellent pop and indie songs with great lyrics from a woman who is a pleasure to hear and watch. Marina is a great musical talent, melding the theatrically lavish vocal and orchestral flourishes of Kate Bush with the wonderful pop eccentricity of everyone from Cyndi Lauper to the Scissor Sisters.

The album is excellently produced by Pascal Gabriel, who did produce artists like Mark Almond, Kylie Minogue, Yello and New Order in former years. Marina is playing live tonight in London`s Bush Hall and will play New York in March and a big UK tour in May 2010.

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