Private and the new video for "My Secret Lover"

Private is a pop trio from Denmark who mixes fantastic pop melodies with modern dance beats. Their debut album “My Secret Lover” was produced in Copenhagen and New York and mixed by Jason Boshoff, who has worked with Basement Jaxx and David Gray. They have released 4 singles from the album in Denmark and got very successful.

It`s time they conquer the world with their great tunes. Finally they got a deal in the UK on the Relentless label and the first single “My Secret Lover” is creating quite a hype there. It`s number 1 in the Music Week club chart and Record Of The Week on Radio 1. Also the song is over 2 years old, it`s a great piece of pop music. The single is out in the UK on 10. January 2010.

The band made a new, better video for Secret Lover. Check it out:

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