Aura Dione will love you Monday

There is a singer from Denmark currently climbing up the German radio and iTunes charts, her name is Aura Dione, a 23 year old pretty singer from Copenhagen. Her album “Columbine” was a huge success in Denmark and she had a number 1 single with “Song For Sophie”. The hard working girl came out of nowhere and now she is one of Denmark`s biggest stars. People compare her with artists like Feist, Gwen Stefanie, Shania Twain or even Tracy Chapman, she mixes folk with electro, a bit of country here and pop and dub there, always nicely arranged.

She wrote a song about gay icon Antony (Antony And The Johnsons), another one is how she felt when  someone thought she is a prostitute. Her current single is the sweet “I will Love You Monday (365)” with this cute video:

The album will be out in Germany on November, 27th.

Aura Dione

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