IAMX and Imogen Heap made a fantastic video for "My secret friend"

Wow, what a great piece of art. Chris Corner alias IAMX filmed his new video, the duet “My Secret Friend” with british singer Imogen Heap a couple of weeks ago in Berlin. Chris directed the video himself and the two of them changed gender in the great dark video. The wonderful ballad is from his fantastic album “Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction”, his best album so far.

IAMX is currently on tour in Europe and will play in Germany from the 23rd of October (Bochum) til the 6th of November (Hamburg). Don`t miss him and his band, they are doing a great show!

The single is available with different mixes under www.boutiqueiamx.eu.

Check the fantastic video here:


IAMX single cover

IAMX single cover


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