Album of the week: Turboweekend "Ghost Of A Chance"

What a great band. Danish band Turboweekend are a three piece band from Copenhagen and consists of Martin Petersen (Drums), Silas Bjerregaard (Vocals) and Morten Køie (Bass). They play dark synth pop, electro-rock with a soulful twist. “Ghost Of A Chance” is their second album and is a wonderful collection of addictive pop songs. From the beginning, the catchy single “Trouble Is” over the dark “Sweet Jezebel”, the optimistic “Holiday”, the phenomenal single “After Hours” to “Almost There”, there is not a weak song on the whole album.

The band is currently on the road and touring Europe. The album will be out next week in Europe and the US. Don`t miss it, one of the best albums of this year!

Turboweekend Cover

Turboweekend Cover

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