Skunk Anansie release video for new single "Squander"

Another new video from Skunk Anansie has been released today. This time it`s for the new ballad “Squander”. The band will release their first greatest hits album, called “Smashes And Trashes” in the beginning of November. The english rock band around charismatic front singer Skin formed in 1994 and released 3 albums.

After the band split up in 2001, Skin released some solo material, but has never been as succesful as with her band. Rumours started last year, that the band thought about reforming. In October 2009 they gonna hit the road again and start their european tour. On their greatest hits, there now will be 3 new songs, “Tear The Place Up”, “Because Of You” and the new recorded “Squander”, which will be released as single on October, 26.

You can watch the new video in full here:

Skunk Anansie cover

Skunk Anansie album cover

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