Nerina Pallot graduates

Nerina Pallot, beautiful british singer/songwriter is gonna release her third album “The Graduate” on October, 5th in the UK. Pallot (34) released her first album “Dear frustrated superstar” in 2001, but it was her second album “Fires” in 2006 with whom she became successful. Her music is classy pop, piano-driven with woozy electronics and beefed up bass.

Pallot grew up in London with a half-french father and her indian mother. The pretty singer had a hit with “Everybody goes to war” and her second album got gold in the UK after his second release. Nerina got an Ivor Novello award and a Brit award nomination for her work. It took a long time before her new album was ready, she wrote lots of songs with other people, but in the end there are only self-written songs on “The Graduate”.

Check out the cute video to the first single from the new album, “Real Late Starter”:

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