Madonna releases video for Celebration

Her latest album for Warner Music is the greatest hits album “Celebration”, which comes out by the end of  September 2009 and celebrates her 25 years in the music industry.  After several trailers for the new video, she finally released the video for her new single “Celebration” today. The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also did the video for “Ray of light”. The video was shot in Milan/Italy and in the video you can see Madonna showing once again how fit she still is. A lot of other dancers with great dance moves can bee seen and Madonna`s boyfriend Jesus as DJ, who she is kissing in the video.

“Celebration” is one of two new songs for her greatest hits album. The other new song is called “Revolver” featuring Lil` Wayne. Besides the new songs, you`ll find 34 of her greatest hits and on the special DVD collection contains of 47 videos!

You can see her new video on this site:

Madonna cover

Madonna cover

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