Vagabond release "Don`t Wanna Run No More" tomorrow

Vagabonds are known as guys who are always on the road, without a real destination in mind. The guys from Vagabond are on the road too, but they have a real destination in mind. They wanna become succesful and without any doubt they will become big.

The 5 good lookings guys with model-look-a-like singer Alex Vargas are signed to Geffen Records and have been on tour with James Morrison. After a lot of summer festivals, they will go on tour in the UK in August. Before their debut album “You Don`t Know The Half Of It” will be released in August, their new single “Don`t Wanna Run No More” will be released tomorrow, 3rd of August.  The single is produced by Brian Higgins and Xenomania. Here are the videos for the new single and the previous one, called “Sweat Until The Morning”.

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