Pixie Lott will become huge

Pixie Lott from Kent in England was signed to Mercury records when she was 14 years old! Now at the age of 18 she started her long planned carrer and the first results are incredibly good.  She even got a record deal in the US. When famous record chief L.A. Reid heard her singing, he offered her a great deal for the US.

She was helped by the best songwriters and producers to make her debut album a sure shot! Her first single “Mama Do” (Uh Oh Uh Oh) went straight into number 1 in the UK and sold over 50.000 singles.  Before her debut album will be released in September, her second single “Boys and girls” comes out which is as strong as the first one and will surely be a number one!

Here are the 2 videos of the cute british girl:


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