Oceana is no Pussycat on a leash

Singer Oceana has released her debut album “Love Supply” this spring, a wonderful collection of soul, funk, pop and reggae songs. One of the most exciting releases this year. After her first single “Cry Cry”, the 27 year old singer, who recorded the album in New York, will release the new single “Pussycat On A Leash” in September 2009.

The funny video about being a Pusscat on a leash reminds a bit of Justify My Love from Madonna, which also was filmed in a hotel. Oceana and her boys seemed to have a lot of fun while shooting the video. Oceana is on the road all the time, performs a lot in France and sang in front of 50.000 people in Moscow recently. She will tour Germany in October.

Here is the raunchy video for Pusscat:


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