Noisettes and their wild young hearts

With their song “Don`t  Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)”, the london based band Noisettes with beautiful singer Shingai Shoniwa had a number 2 hit in England. The band formed in 2003 and started as an indie/punk band but changed their music style for the second album “Wild Young Hearts” into pop/disco/soul.

On the new album you`ll find 11 hits, all very catchy and you`ll get addicted the more you listen to them. If the title song “Wild Young Hearts”, “Atticus”, “24 Hours” or “Saturday Night”, they all could be released as singles. After the UK the album will be released in Europe and the US now and the band will be playing lots of concerts this autumn.  After “Don`t Upset The Rhtythm” the second single from the album is the beautiful “Never Forget You”. Here is one of the videos for “Don`t Upset The Rhythm”, there are 2 versions around.

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