Ingrid Michaelson releases new album

Singer Ingrid Michaelson from New York releases her second album “Everybody” this week in the US, in Europe the album will be released in September. Most people got aware of Michaelson because lots of her songs were used in TV series like “Grey`s Anatomy”, “Scrubs” and “One Tree Hill”. Ingrid became famous very quickly,cos the singer composes wonderful nice little songs about love and life, a lot of people can identify with.

The single “The Way I Am” and her albums “Girls & Boys” and “Be ok” became very succesful. Her new album will not disappoint her fans, you get 12 excellent new songs from Ingrid, who will tour the US from now on til November and then heading to Europe. First single from the album is the song “Maybe”, here she talks about the new album and performs the song live at a radio station:

Ingrid Michaelson Cover

Ingrid Michaelson Cover

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