Imogen Heap releases new album Ellipse

Latest we heard from Imogen Heap was the fantastic duet with Chris Corner alias IAMX on “My secret friend”, a beautiful ballad on his latest album. Now, Imogen Heap releases her new album “Ellipse” this week in Europe, next week in the US.

Imogen Heap (31)  is an english singer, grammy nominated, and has been in the fantastic group Frou Frou before she started her solo career. Her songs are often used in TV series, movies and commercials and she is loved by critics and audience for her unique little song pearls and live gigs. Her songs are often compared with the likes of PJ Harvey, Kate Bush or Annie Lennox.  “Ellipse” is her third solo album.

You can listen to the full album on her website:

Besides “First Train Home”, the first single, here is the video for “Canvas”, a brilliant new track from the new album:

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