Hurts and their wonderful life

The british duo Hurts from Manchester seems to be from the 80s if you see their style and video for their song “Wonderful life”. But Theo Hutchcraft (vocals) and Adam Anderson (electronics, guitar) are young music lovers and concentrate on their music and don`t care about expensive videos.

They used to be in a band called Bureau and later were part of the band Daggers where they worked with producer Richard X (Kylie Minogue). Now the two do their stuff alone and the first single sounds amazingly good. Hope to hear more from them soon. The song is not a cover of the 80`s hit from singer Black, it`s a new song.  Here is the simple video for it, simple but also great. And the song is strong and delightful:

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  1. The EP is out, and we found it free online, check it out before it’s gone!
    SONG OF THE YEAR: Hurts – Wonderful Life